Trend Lab Print Flannel Crib Sheets Reviews & Tips

flannel crib sheets – An Overview:

Trend Lab flannel fitted crib sheet is a perfect choice for lining your baby’s crib mattress. This item has been developed from authentic and pure cotton.The flannel crib sheets have a complete thread count of 200. Moreover, they also contain the softer comfy flannel surface that is 100% gentle on the skin of a baby.

It adds more comfort and pleasure to their bed time. Besides, it also provides gentle care to the delicate skin of their loving juniors.
The crib sheet has been fitted with elastic on all its sides. Thus, this particular feature helps in the provision of a protective fit on the mattress.

The good news is that the flannel crib sheets are available in different colors. It means you get the freedom of choosing a color that matches your baby’s mattress or crib shade. So, this item can be well fitted with any kids.

Beside these fascinating features, you never have to worry about the maintenance of this product. The Trend Lab Print flannel crib sheets need less maintenance than many other models. Besides, they can be easily cleaned in a washing machine with mild detergents and warm water.

The price of flannel crib sheets is another important factor while choosing this item for the bedding material of your kids. These items are surprisingly of very lower price ranges.

The average price limits of these products are between $10 to $20. So, these items are widely chosen by the customers of all classes.


• The customers will get an offer of 30 days warranty while buying this item.

• This baby gears are completely 100% cotton material.

• There is well settled elastic around the opening. This feature ensures proper and secure fitting of the crib sheet.

• There is an excellent arrangement of having multiple reads counts up to 200 or more.

• Crib type of these models is the standard crib.

• There is no use of organic materials. Thus, these items cannot be considered as that much eco-friendly.

• The gadget is a well reversible item.

• The drying method of this material is tumble dry process.


It is an undisputed fact that your bouncing baby boy or girl will sleep nice and comfy all the night on this ultra-soft 100% proven sheet. You will surely be thankful for the largest variety of solid colors of this particular model as it provides you the scope of choosing from wide range of variety.

These stylish and gorgeous flannel crib sheets will match up with different nursery designs. The amazing best crib sheets are fitted with an elastic band on the sides. This unique feature has given these items the scope so that they can be snug fitted standard cribs for the element of additional safety.

These items also provide better safety and security to ensure your child proper safe environment. These soft and adorable crib sheets come in white, tan, sage, pink, gray and blue.

Some significant advantages of these best crib sheets are:

• These crib sheets provide better warmth to the kids.

• Materials used in these products are more durable and longer sustaining.

• These models are well guaranteed for the customers.

• These crib sheets are light weighed and softer in construction.


There is only one downside to these crib sheets, and that is the presence of a strap. This strap connects the material to every corner, and you can only put the clothes on by lifting the mattress.

That might lead you to some kinds of discomfort while using these items. There are also some drawbacks of this item that can be mentioned as the following:

• There are immense possibilities of these crib sheets of getting shrink when they are washed by the customers while cleaning the bedding.

• The customers might face many difficulties in cleaning these products. These gadgets are not well machine washable.

• Moreover, these baby gear items are not suitable for warm temperatures at all.


There are multiple unique and distinguishing features of the flannel crib sheets. These features are so much outstanding that will let the parents purchase these items and give their babies a perfect sleeping time to enjoy. Enjoy the moments with these amazing staffs!