The Dirty Truth on American Baby Company Crib Sheets!(Review and Guide)

Does your baby’s bed get wet so frequently at night? Over wet causes severe disturbance of midnight sleep. You need waterproof fitted crib sheets to make your child’s bed dry and comfortable. This crib sheet review is for you. We’re going to talk about American Baby Company Crib Sheets.

These crib sheets are reliable and thicker. Parents feel comfortable at buying these sheets as it ensures American standard quality. It is one of the best crib sheets having large pockets. This sheet contains 100% polyester for longer time usage.Before going towards the details review let’s have some basic features about crib sheets manufactured by American Baby Company.

American Baby Company Crib Sheets

These chenille crib sheets are thicker than the other sheets. It is of 15.4 ounces, and it gets easily fitted with the most standard mattress. The American Baby Company Crib sheets are available in different designs, colors and patterns. These colors are both solid and customized. Availability of different colors ensures maximum satisfaction of babies.

You need not worry about the color of your crib sheets. Choose the perfect that matches best. It contains soft polyester entirely. The manufacturer designed this product according to the standard mattress dimension. It suits the bed of 28 X 52 X 9 measurement. These have three primary separate layers.

Top and bottom layers contain same ingredients all over the object. But, the middle layer is different than the others. The identical layers have polyester, and it is soft. The middle layer is of vinyl. This layer contains 100% waterproof ingredients.

American Baby Company is manufacturing products from 1997. Most of their products are baby products. Their products make parents quite happy. The child feels comfortable as well. They are still producing bedding collections for children with better quality as before. China manufactures all their crib sheets. In recent years, USA is trying to make these sheets locally. Because manufacturing cost is being less.


  1. Larger Pocket
  2. 100% polyester of velvety
  3. Durable
  4. Softer


  1. Lighter than other best crib sheets
  2. A little bit expensive

According to the customer reviews, the quality of American Baby Company Crib sheets is praiseworthy. It looks gorgeous and stylish.It has fantastic colors and design patterns. It feels softer, comfortable and adorable for its ingredient. Some customers reviewed this as the best crib sheets for baby with eczema.

It is easy to replace with other copies when it needs. Many customers have no complaint about it. They suggested buying American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler Protective Mattress Pad Cover.

Some customers consider it as a top sheet for their toddlers. Another important information is its weight. It is lighter and more expensive comparatively. 64% positive reviews say the real picture of the demand for this product.

Some buyers say it gets pilled while washing and it gets fuzz while air drying. These are some negative feedbacks from the valuable customers. But these are ignorable.

American Baby Company Crib sheets are practically waterproof. These are not water sensitive. So, no water can pass inside. These sheets are washable whenever it gets dust. Dust is a very dangerous component for your toddler.

It makes them allergic and creates an unhealthy environment to sleep. Even, it never shrinks after wash. So, it is evident that washing couldn’t be an issue for these crib sheets. Its waterproof feature saves it from damaging.

So any crib sheets are available in the market. But, people buy the best one. According to the requirements, choicely differs. American Baby Company Crib sheets are popular due to the larger pocket inside. So, you have to buy this amazing product if you need big pockets.

Final Word:

These Crib sheets are the innovative products made with the touch of new technology available. It adds up extra advanced features than before. In the near past, these crib sheets didn’t exist.The time was very crucial to make baby or toddler comfortable with their sleep. It was ridiculous to change the whole bed at midnight when a child makes it wet.Nowadays, crib sheets have made the world easier than before.

The parents get never be concerned about the child relaxation. These products have already got scientific approval.They got it as quality crib sheets. They follow the rules of the USA government for quality assurance. So, quality is quite guaranteed.