The Lazy Man’s Guide To best time for pregnant women

A few decades ago, people thought that pregnant women should not take part in labor. Massive changes occurred in this kind of idea now. Today many pregnant mothers in childbirth began a few days ago; even a few hours are still at work.In this article, we will discuss the best time for pregnant women to stop work.
So, healthy pregnant women when to stop working for good?Let’s start to discuss. If your job environment is relatively quiet, clear, less risk, or sitting in the office work for a long time.

Your body is in good condition at the same time. So that you can be in a week or two weeks before the due date back to the home quietly waiting for the birth of the baby. best time for pregnant women

But if your work is in the preparation of the factory, or the dark, noisy environment, such as a dark room, then I suggest you should transfer the work during pregnancy or choose leave to stay at home.

If your job is the hotel service personnel, sales personnel, walking or working at least four hours a day, suggest you two and a half weeks left before the due date work back home for the delivery.

Motility if your job is quite extensive, it is advised that you begin to take maternity leave one month in advance, so as to avoid accidents.

At work during pregnancy if there is a physical discomfort, such as Twilight, nausea, and vomiting, weak wait for a symptom, suggest you prepare a towel in the office.Vomit bag, at the same time, tries to make their own some of the seats near the bathroom for vomiting.
Because of individual differences, the change range is bigger.

Also, the following figures are for reference only. Secretary, a job more quickly clerk 40 gestational weeks.Management personnel: 40 gestational weeks.Continuously lifted weights (below 50 pounds): 40 gestational weeks.
Occasionally lifting objects (more than 50 pounds): 30 gestational age.
Often bow (up to 10 times/h) : 28 gestational age.
Standing for a long time (longer than 4 hours per day): 24 gestational age.
Repetitive lifting objects (25 ~ 50 pounds) : 24 gestational age.
Repetitive lifting objects (25 pounds): 20 gestational weeks.
The ladder or bar (more than four times a day): 20 gestational weeks.