The Shocking Revelation of NonToxic Baby Mattress!

Don’t want your kid to be inhaling chemicals while sleeping?Have you ever thought that the mattresses could be the reason of a child’s illness? Or Your child might be absorbing chemicals while sleeping? Infants are very sensitive to toxic elements present in their surroundings.In this guide, we will discover how to pick up a NonToxic Baby Mattress quickly without any hassle.

So what is the reason of finding non-toxic baby mattress?Some of the Manufacturer commonly uses toxic chemicals and materials to the baby bed which is harmful to the child. It can cause many serious diseases and can be life threatening too. Most of the parents are not aware of these issues. All of you who are reading this article have made a real good investment for their child’s health and well-being.

Babies sleep for around 10-14 hours a day.1 year ages are crucial for health improvement of a child.It’s necessary for proper growth and development. At this age, they grow physically as well as mentally. None of the parents would want his child to get the disease is because of NonToxic Baby Mattress. Aint it the last thing you would ever want?

The toxic chemical mattress can be harmful to your child are retardants, plasticizers, polyurethane foam, vinyl, etc. These materials have been proven to cause problems in child development. In fact, theories and researches have also shown that SIDS cause due to the toxic chemicals released from the mattresses and cribs. A lot of cases has reported in New Zealand for the same. The following report will help you distinguish facts and misinformation. Will make you understand how things are.[Guide]10 Facts About SIDS and parents guide how to protect your baby from SIDS.


Most of the mattresses are commonly use polyvinyl covering to protect springs from the water. This material is known to be the most toxic plastics used today.Toxic Baby Mattress also causes cancer. Since PVC is a hard plastic, plasticizers are added to make it soft. These plasticizers are sucked in by the lungs of your child when he is asleep. It can cause breathing difficulties, asthma, cancer, kidney or liver problems in the long run.TOXIC VERSUS NONTOXIC BABY MATTRESS

Therefore, always see the product description and the contents before buying it. If it says it is polyvinyl free, believe me, it is the best organic product for your child.

Now the another chemical used is polybromide diphenyl ether. This compound is added to the mattress so that it doesn’t catch fire. The unfortunate property of this compound is that it breaks and keeps leaching out in the surrounding air. As a result, the air gets harmful. This chemical also enters your child’s skin when he is asleep.

Discloser, a Toxic chemical can affect your baby health in any case. It can cause memory problems. May cause behavioral changes. In a few countries, are not allowed to buy the mattresses which catch fire.Now let us discuss which is the right bed for you child.So, keeps it in mind that you shouldn’t take the risk to purchase the toxic chemical baby mattress for your bed.Avoid toxic mattress and find the nontoxic baby bedding for the safety and healthy children.HERE IS THE WAY TO FIND THE SAFEST OPTIONS FOR YOUR CHILD.

How to choose NonToxic Baby Mattress What’s Worth the Money?

All the products required in the making should go through minimal chemical processing. All the materials used should be as natural as possible. When cotton has grown for a cotton mattress, it should be grown without using chemicals. In a mattress, only the cotton and few fibers used can be purely organic rest all the covering and plastics used are chemicals and are inorganic. As I have explained you earlier, there are ways of knowing the right choice for your baby and picking out the best nontoxic baby mattress and crib for his better health.It’s the best investment you will be doing for your child’s healthy future. Suppose a mattress company uses wool for the filler purpose.

Wool is an organic material unless the sheep are made to eat harmful chemicals to make their wool grow faster, thicker and softer. Very few mattresses are certified nontoxic.Example, Colgate says that they only use the Non-Toxic material to the baby bed.They are GREENGUARD Certified.That means, their mattress fulfills the exact criteria for low emissions and Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs).So, Always go for such mattresses.Check out the List of Top 10 Best Baby Mattress that are Nontoxic and chemical free.


Soft organic cotton is the best filler material for children mattress. As you know, it is nontoxic, soft, comfortable, less expensive and breathable. When cotton catches flame, it won’t burst like foam. It will not release the toxic, harmful smokes when burnt. Wool is also second best commonly used the filling material in the mattress. You can keep wool as the choice too. The third common material used is latex which is natural rubber. But buying a rubber filled mattress can be a little complicated. You can not be sure if chemicals are incorporated or not. It’s all about fillers.


Now as we have discussed, the coverings are, which covering is the best for your child health?Here is the answer.The covering has to be waterproof. Therefore, few scientists agree that low-density food grade plastic is the safest plastics. These can be uses for covering. It has the simple molecular structure which is close to nontoxic organic products. It doesn’t have any known harmful effects on the child’s health. After reading all the information about the importance of a mattress. I am sure you will be choosing the right mattress for your baby.Consumer Purchases variety of Organic Baby Product

Consider the Following Highlights Points for Buying a Baby Mattress

Heather Stapleton is a well-known authority figure.She achieved the Ph.D. degree in environmental chemistry.A professor of Chemistry at Duke University.She suggests this way she can find flame retardant-free products by the Quick searching products that don’t use polyurethane foam.

Since The company doesn’t share their manufacturing process publicly here is the great advice for the proactive shopper.

1. Choose the mattress about which the complete information has written on the packet.

2. Look for the third party certification.

3. Search for springs which have fabricated of organic materials.

4. Check for the mattress that hasn’t undergone fire retardant treatment. Even if it has been through it then opt for boric acid or hydrated silica based ones.

5.[GUIDE]How to choose best Organic Baby Products which worth the Money.

6.Buy a new crib mattress if possible.Cause the new mattress uses modern technology for better safety and comfort.

7.Never purchase a mattress that lacks the border rods.You should choose the border rods mattress for extra firmness, durability, and strong side and edge support for your baby.

8.Buy a baby crib that has Airflow pockets for better ventilation.

9.Always go for such mattress that has Waterproof cover.The waterproof pad protects the mattress from stains.

10.Select Organic baby bed which makes your child healthy and it’s a safeguard for any hazard.

NonToxic Baby Mattress is an essential need for your child. It should be more organic and comfortable as well for you child. It has to have none or least of all the toxic products. It should not have chemicals we discussed so far. It should have all the goods in the best organic forms present.


The beneficial news is that most of the manufacturer are uses a newly researched foam made from plants for the baby mattress. These foams are also natural and safe. It also a good option for filler of the mattress. A couple of company uses cotton as a filler. Though cotton is not soft, it is 100% natural. Hope the article helps you buy the best product for your kid. After all, it’s about your child’s health. Happy shopping. Stay safe.