Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress review

The Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress review help you to get the better idea about this fantastic baby mattress.

Our in-depth research says Sealy is one of the best baby mattresses in the current market. It’s extra firm lightweight (8.3 pounds) and comfortable baby mattress. The thin mattress help to quickly change the sheet.

Sealy Soybean foam crib mattress made with American soybean oils provided by American farmers.

It comes with pearl embossed waterproof and stain-resistant cover.These are added for an easy-clean. It’s a Green guard gold certified baby mattress. They achieved the certification for a healthier air quality sleeping indoor environment.

We are going to share a few outstanding features of this best baby crib mattress.This in-depth review helps you to the better understanding of this amazing baby stuff. Sealy is award-winning American baby mattress that meets the American flammability standard.

Summary of Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattressreview

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This Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress review will highlight some useful feature for this particular baby mattress.We make sure that after read this review you will fall in love about this best baby crib.The principal advantage of the soy base foam mattress that it made with soybean. A soy based foam provide more than better durability over the traditional foams. Uses renewable resources sequent in the usage of less crude oils. Soybeans is a renewable resource originated in the USA.

Safety and Quality

Sealy baby mattress is an Ultra firm crib mattress that proven for firmness. It’s a long lasting baby mattress. The chemical content, and air quality to make sure a safer sleeping environment for infants. Sealy sleep baby mattress goes through industry-leading testing that is incomparable for baby mattresses.

Firmness and Comfort

They are well known for durable and comfortable baby mattress. Sealy achieved Schools certification for indoor air quality. They use low chemical emissions that help to create a healthier sleeping environment for a baby and newborn

Cleanliness and Waterproof

This mattress comes with the waterproof cover that keeps the mattress clean and safe your baby from any significant risk. Easy clean is crucial things for a mattress. Especially for a baby and newborn! A pearl embossed cover is waterproof.

It has quick cleaning system with mild soap and water or a smooth baby wipe. Stains and liquids will not seep into the mattress since the binding is as well as waterproof. This feature makes sure the comfort and easy cleaning.take a look at one of the essential Sealy crib mattress pads with secure fitted protected Stay borders as the perfect addition to your baby’s mattress.

Crib Fit Tested

The Sealy Soybean Crib mattress dimension is 52 x 28 x 5 inches and fits USA standard size all cribs and toddler beds. Sealy baby mattress proudly made in the USA.

Committed to More Natural Option

Sealy crib mattress brand committed to more neutral comfort and safety.They have the 130 years oversleeping technology experience.Sealy uses some of the nature’s best materials while integration today’s newest comfort technologies that are why Sealy Baby crib mattresses received the American Women’s Award.According to the vote of women’s choice award thousands of American women’s recommend to Sealy brand crib mattress.


  • Trusted number #1 Sealy Brand in the USA.
  • Square corner design.
  • It’s a Lightweight mattress .
  • Pearl embossed waterproof.
  • Award-winning American crib mattress.
  • Green Guard Gold Certified.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified.
  • Women’s Choice Award in 2013 and 2014 winner.
  • Made with soybean oils provided by American farmers.
  • Healthier indoor environment mattress.
  • Soy-based high density.
  • Certified Frustration-Free Packaging.
  • Foam is Certipur-US certified.
  • High-density core crib mattress.
  • Meet ASTM standards.
  • Non-toxic fire retardants Mattress.
  • Lifetime warranty and support.

Cons :

  • They use less than 30% soybean oil in foam core

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Question and Answer

#Is this mattress made out of polyurethane foam, in addition to soy?

Yes, this mattress made with polyurethane foam.

#What percentage of this is cotton and what are the other materials used in this mattress layer?

It’s made up of 24% cotton-polyester blend.

#What is the significant difference between waterproof and wet-resistant?

The waterproof mattress means that you don’t need any extra mattress pad for water protection.

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Final Word

As you can read the detail feature of Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress review, you may understand what best it is.Sealy won American women’s award in 2013-2014 for the better quality and long lasting performance. It’s a one of great baby mattress available in the market.There are a lot of outstanding features that parents love really. Needless to say, It’s an excellent core crib mattress that specially made for baby comfort.