Sealy Baby Firm Rest Best Rated Crib Mattress EM438-VIV1 Review

We are going to write this best-rated crib mattress review today, in a nutshell, we discuss every pros and con about this baby crib.

When it comes to the overall sound of the child, compromise on quality is not to be taken.Probably, this is the reason that actually baby firm mattress was designed.it’s best-rated crib mattress, and one can obviously tell it is designed for both professional and experience.

This thing is very clear that user satisfaction was the manufacturer greatest goal.
This crib mattress designed with the best interest of the child at heart.With the technology applied and the great features that come with it.This mattress one of most selling mattress in the market.


This Sealy Baby Firm Crib Mattress made of heavy-duty material.This is the first feature about this mattress that quite amazing.Being a durable product and it has the durability guarantee.

This mattress ensures a high spinal alignment for the child who goes a long way in confirming they are healthy.With the recent escalation in health, the complication related to unhealthy sleep.

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this mattress is the best solution for the child.Being heavy duty materials also make sure that one will not be required to buy a new after a short while hence cutting the cost of constant replacement.

This mattress also fits perfectly in all normal size cribs.This is yet another outstanding feature about this matter that makes it extremely attractive.

The that its size fits all crib that is of the usual size makes it most convenient.Is because replacement of the crime doesn’t in any way prompt the need for another mattress.This makes it quite economical and goes a long way in saving unnecessary costs.This is a feature about it that gives it a competitive advantage over the other crib mattress.

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Excellent resistance to tear and wear is yet another feature that plays a significant role in high ratings by customers.This place it at the top since it is a characteristic that most people look for in a mattress.Resistance to tear and wear being the final test.one can arguably state that this mattress beats the test.

One can arguably state that this mattress beats the test.It is for this reason that it’s a demand has been overwhelming.it has risen to the top of customer ratings quickly.

This product comes with 25 years warranty.From the time stipulated in the warranty.One can notice that the manufacturer does not expect any damage to its soon.25 years warranty is quite a relief to the customer.Best Rated Crib Mattress

We are going to indicate clearly by this Sealy best-rated crib mattress review that the designers had invested their time in ensuring they come up with a product worth your money.This makes Sealy crib mattress quite reliable and gives the buyer a sense of security and assurance.

It also comes at a pocket-friendly price.This is one of the other reason to write about this best-rated crib mattress review here.The price is an important aspect
t when it comes to purchasing any good.Although this is not to insinuate that it should be the only reason to be considered when buying a product.

This mattress comes at great prices for anything of its quality and caliber.It has the best interest of the customer at heart.They seem to understand that we are faced with the financial crisis and, therefore, saving a little money is everyone wish.We have done all serious research before start to writing about this best baby crib mattress review.

Green Guard Gold Certified

This baby crib mattress won green guard gold certificate for their long-lasting service, and this award winner must have passed all flammability test for their healthier indoor environment.This mattress is well-known for the best quality control.

Women’s Choice Award 2013-2014 winner Best Rated Crib Mattress

Which product American Women choice mostly they only win this award by an electronic voting system. Sealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattress won women’s choice award for 2013-2014 as a best baby crib mattress.

25 Years Warranty

This product has 25 years warranty.It’s an another outstanding advantage for a customer.Best Rated Crib Mattress


  • Waterproof in nature.
  • 25 years warranty is quite surprising.
  • It fits in all normal size crib.
  • America Women’s Voted as the best baby crib mattress
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • Vinyl Covering


  • Price isn’t that low.
  • Best for the kids only.


The customers have asked some frequent questions:

  • For the instant, some customers have wished to know whether they could use both sides of the mattress, and the response is that it is safe to use all the parties.
  • There has been the question about the safety of the vinyl cover by some customers, but it is all safe for the baby.

Final Word

In conclusion, therefore, Sealy Crib Mattress is the best rated crib mattress in the market.It also guarantees quality and customer ratings show all that.It is time for those who haven’t had it to grab one while stocks last.This is because demand being too high they are bound to get few in the market hence prompting the need for early purchasing.

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