Safety 1st Peaceful Lullabies Baby Mattress Review

Next, on our list is the Safety 1st Peaceful Lullabies Baby Mattress Review.Everyone want to save the money and time, right?

Especially when your baby being born, you have to save the money for future.Safety 1st is a one of best cheap baby mattress ever I have seen.This is the lesser known product with just over 20 reviews on Amazon.

However, the average rating is 4.2 out of 5.00.The people who have funded this excellent product must think very highly of it.We have included it here on our list because it is a high-quality mattress that stands the test of time.

The product may not be well known, but that does not mean it is not a great product.Bellow is a list of the pros and cons of this best mattress for kids.

What are You going to learn to the Safety 1st Peaceful Lullabies Baby Mattress Review?

You will learn every important thing that should you consider before buying a good mattress.In this review, we will figure out which one should you buy and which not.

On the other hand, we will discover the things why safety is important for your baby.You will get enough knowledge about a baby mattress.

In generally, Selecting the best baby mattresses are not the easy task for them who hasn’t enough knowledge about this field.But we have done all hard work for the conscious parents.Let’s get start to find out the outstanding feature of safety 1st baby mattress.

Outstanding Feature:

This mattress was mostly famous for their particular outstanding features.We focus them that we found our research time.The user is very satisfied with the durability of this product.here is the top notch features of this mattress.

Thermo-Bonded Fiber Technology

Safety 1st brand uses the thermo-bonded fiber core technology to the mattress that provides the firm support and makes sure the peaceful sleep.Not only that, this feature ensure the baby safety.Besides that, this mattress meets federal flammability standards.They don’t use any potentially harmful chemicals to this mattress.

Cotton and Wool Fiber

Normally, Wool is moisture resistant and dries quickly.Safety 1st baby mattress made with natural cotton and wool fibers that ensure the comfort and softness.Manufacturer utilized the cotton and wool fiber to the bed which protects your child from overheating throughout the night.

Waterproof Mattress

Safety 1st baby bed comes with the soft waterproof cover that made with bamboo rayon.It’s easily washable and removable.This feature keeps your child always lie on a fresh.The manufacturer uses a clean surface to the mattress that keeps clean your baby and makes sure the healthy life.The Hygienic surface gives the extra value to the safety 1st baby bed.

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  • Comes with a removable and washable cover
  • Made with natural materials including cotton and wool fiber
  • Lightweight mattress for easy handling
  • Very easy to change sheet
  • Ten years limited time warranty
  • Very well made
  • Dimensions is: 52″L x 27.5″W x 5″H
  • Comfortable and reliable for safety
  • Mostly fitted for all standard cribs
  • PVC-free surface
  • Made with thermo-bonded fiber core


  • Some user says that This mattress is not waterproof
  • Not big enough to fit for any crib

Question and Answer

#Is the Item durable?

Yes, it’s a durable mattress.Rinaldi is a user of this mattress.check what he said-Safety first is durable baby mattress


#Is this the mattress comfortable for baby?

Yes, the manufacturer utilized some exotic materials that make it very comfortable for baby.

#Is this the mattress give the warranty support?

Yes, they are the very reputed company.They provide ten years limited warranty for this particular product.

#Which Brand Produced this mattress?

Safety 1st types provided by “Safety 1st” Brand.They create several type of baby goods.

Final Word

Safety 1st Peaceful Lullabies Baby Mattress Review did focus all of the major parts of this mattress.This is the best pocket price mattress according to the customer opinion.Safety first not only a baby stuff manufacturer.they are certified quality brand.They has some awesome baby mattress.such as,Safety 1st Heavenly Crib Mattress.There are some of other popular product list given bellow.

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