I Finally Tried Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad For A Week, And This Is What Happened

This best waterproof crib mattress pad review can solve your problem of understanding the quality mattress pad. It prevents from affecting any mattress born disease. The best mattress will be very soft, suitable and comfortable for your baby health.

Naturepedic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad ensures great sleep of your baby. Doctor advice taking best mattress pad for back pain. So, every mom needs to choose best memory foam mattress pad.

If your mattress pad is waterproof, you will get the most additional facility.The most important features we discussing in bellow.

Personally, I love this amazing pad for these outstanding features-


  • This mattress is made of 100% Cotton, and the organic cotton fabric has used both sides.
  • Made in the US
  • Full Waterproof
  • Flat Pad Size 28″ x 52″ (Standard crib size)
  • Very soft and breathable so that your baby can easily take the breath.
  • Non-sweaty and comfortable
  • Waterproof barrier like rubber or vinyl.
  • Dust proof to prevent any mattress born disease like allergens
  • 100% top and bottom layers
  • Ultra-thin and blocks liquids but no problems to breathe
  • Nontoxic design and no chemical are used in this best mattress pad.
  • No Vinyl/PVC is used,
  • Phthalates latex reduces the allergenic problem of your baby.
  • You can easily wash this by hand or machine
  • Dry and healthy
  • Luxurious and comfortable
  • Warranty
  • Made in the USA


Your baby can easily breathe by using the mattress pad. The waterproof facility helps you to clean this mattress quickly to keep your kids more cleanly. Waterproof prevents from spoil your mattress by your child shit. So, your mattress will be more durable than an older mattress.

It’s made of 100% cotton, but the fabric is used on the top and bottom layers. So, it prevents certain water on the eternal side of the mattress pad. Organic cotton fabric is used on the both side. So, it is very secure, comfortable and mind-blowing. The thickness and ultra-soft facility make it more different from another mattress. It has everything keeping your baby more secure.


Every product has some limitation. is not different from nature. But customers are blessed using this great mattress pad for their baby.

  • Size is vast that is one common complaint getting from the client.
  • Sometimes it is not matched with some crib.
  • It can’t protect it from the fire.

These are very common but not a problem. So, you can easily choose this mattress for your baby. The producing company provides good customer care service after selling. It will make you relax further you to grab this crib.


Performance is totally excellent than other non-band mattress pad. It must keep you relax for 3-5 years. It has 5/5 density level. So, it is entirely needless to say about it quality and durability.

Question and Answer for Naturepedic best waterproof crib mattress pad

All FAQ’s are taken Directly from various websites.

#Does this contain any flame retardants?

No, Use it very carefully from burning fire. It is not fireproof.

#Is it used any toxic chemical?

No, any toxic chemical is utilized in this mattress.

#We see it packed with a plastic pack. Do you use any PVC or other plastic elements in it? Or is it waterproof?

Naturepedic is a perfect mix of waterproof. It has achieved a high quality, and no harmful chemicals are used in this mattress. It is ultra-thin and very quality full mattress.

Final Verdict:

Naturepedic is a well-known baby stuff manufacturer.They have an excellent reputation, and their product quality is vexcelent.best waterproof crib mattress pad review may help you to better understanding.Naturepedic achieved the quality certification from the GreenGurd Gold.It’s an amazingly comfortable mattress pad.You can check it out the customer reviews to Amazon. Click Here to Read Customer Reviews on Amazon