Graco best packs and play with Newborn Napper Elite, Vance  review

(Best Pack and Play in 2016)

Graco’s best Pack and Play is a great, reliable playpen that offers versatility. It can be used for sleep, play and diaper changing. While some playpens offer the same options, this one comes with great features. They make it stand out from the rest.

The great thing about the Pack and Play is that it transitions as your baby grows. It fits the needs of a newborn, infant and finally toddler. It is also easy to assemble and close, so you can use this best pack and play when visiting family or friends.

The construction

The Pack N’ Play has a metallic skeleton and is covered in fabric. In whatever way you choose to use it, as a playpen or for sleep, your baby will be safe inside. It has three levels for the three major stages your baby will go through. The top layer for newborns up to 2-3 months. The middle layer for infants.

Finally the bottom layer for toddlers. Inside it has plenty of space (29.75 inches x 41 inches). This allows your baby to play safely wbest pack and playhile you attend to chores around the house. It also encourages your baby to play alone. The mesh sides allow plenty of ventilation and the baby can see you as you go about your day.

The newborn level.

The napper station was created with the newborn in mind. That being said, it is not to be used for babies who have started to roll over. This is another feature which makes it a best pack and play. The napper and bassinet are well padded and covered in velour fabric. This makes them comfortable while being sensitive to your baby’s skin.

The napper is a great place to change your newborn safely and with comfort. They can also both be set to vibrate gently. This helps with putting the baby to sleep for nap times, or overnight. It also soothes your baby while are awake.

The infant level.

Graco’s Pack and Play also comes with a great changing table. It can be used for babies up to 30 pounds, or the first year. Keep in mind you must have one hand on your infant at all times as they roll over suddenly. Whether using this changing table or any other, keep that in mind.

The playpen can also be used as the primary crib. It has a mattress set higher for infants. This is important as you can take your baby out of the Pack and Play easily, without pressure to your back. As your baby starts to sit, you should place the mattress in the bottom of the playpen for safety.

The toddler level.

At this stage, the mattress is placed at the bottom of the playpen. Now your toddler can continue to sleep in this playpen. It is designed with play and safety in mind. This best Pack and Play allows your toddler to play, stand and even jump without getting hurt. The padding and fabric covering the crib protect your child as they stand and fall.

No matter how hard they try, and they will, they cannot turn the playpen over. When they reach the 35” tall, it is finally time to put the playpen away. This gives you two years of exact play time. If you use a playpen as they grow, even after the playpen is gone your child will learn to play alone.

The great features.

One of its features is it has a hamper storage space at the side. You can place diapers, a change of clothes, and anything else that you may need inside. The fact that all these things are at your fingertips makes changing quick and easy. You also don’t have to search for clothes or rush as you forgot the wet wipes.

Another great feature is the mp3 player station. It allows you to choose the music you play for your baby. You can play soft music for sleep or fun music for your toddler to dance. Finally, and probably the most important feature, the best Pack and Play closes at the push of one button. This easy assemble/disassemble it ideal when going on trips. It also comes with its carry bag, again making transport easy.


*The playpen transitions from newborn to toddler.
* Changing table for up to 30lbs.
* Bassinet and napper vibrate.
* Side hamper for easy use and storage.
* Mp3 docking station play your music.

* Easy push-button fold.
* Extra wide and deep for safe play.


*Wheels- As your toddler grows, they can notice the wheels and try to move the playpen around.
*Price – this may seem expensive compared to other playpens, but keep in mind it can be used as a crib too.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can the napper be used, as the baby’s crib for the first couple of months?

A: Yes. The napper is designed so your baby can nap or even sleep through the night. The comfort of the velour material and the vibrations will help your baby fall asleep.
Q: Can you add a different baby mattress?

A: No. The Pack and Play come with its own mattress and a regular crib mattress will not fit.
Q: Does the storage hamper detach?

A: Yes. This makes it easy to travel. You can place all your necessities in the hamper, and place the hamper in your suitcase.


Graco’s Pack and Play makes your life, and baby’s, easier and more organized. With its great changing table and hamper, dirty diapers are easily replaced. It gives your baby a place to sleep throughout the first two years, saving you time and money. The bassinet is comfortable and detachable. This allows you to move your baby with you while they nap.

The transitional stages are well thought through allowing your baby a safe place to play. All in all, the features this playpen offers you actually make it the best Pack and Play playpen.



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